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  • 02, Jan 2018

The Bulgarian Calendar

We are celebrating the beginning of the 2018th year after the birth of Yeshua Moshiach ben Yosef or translated in English: Jesus Messiah, son of Joseph. This event indeed marked a New Era for the humanity. However, long before that, the most ancient civilizations in the world had developed calendars starting in a very distant...
  • 19, Jun 2017

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Bulgaria

As the French president Charles de Gaulle admitted in 1962: ”Bulgaria is the cradle of the European culture and civilization”, it is a fact that Bulgaria is one of the three magnificent European countries (together with Greece and Italy) with the most significant archeological and cultural heritage. Exploring it can turn to be the epic...
  • 13, Jun 2017

Flower Festivals – A Bulgarian Tradition

Bulgaria has wonderful climate, soils, and there is an abundance of fantastic aromatic flowers all over the country. There are few unique festivals which you don’t want to miss while in Bulgaria. These are a one of a kind opportunities for fantastic pre-wedding photos which we highly recommend!   Rose Festival   Bulgaria is called...
  • 13, Jun 2017

Beauty Secrets of the Bulgarian Women

Bulgarian women are famous worldwide for their beauty and overall attractiveness. I would like to share some of their secrets with you. First and foremost, Bulgarian women have great genes. Inbreeding is technically unknown in the Bulgarian culture and there is a nice variety of genes from Thracians, Slavic, Bulgarians and others. Second, the ancient...