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Flower Festivals – A Bulgarian Tradition

Flower Festivals – A Bulgarian Tradition

  • 13 Jun, 2017

Bulgaria has wonderful climate, soils, and there is an abundance of fantastic aromatic flowers all over the country. There are few unique festivals which you don’t want to miss while in Bulgaria. These are a one of a kind opportunities for fantastic pre-wedding photos which we highly recommend!


  1. Rose Festival


Bulgaria is called “The Land of Roses”, and you will have the chance to see these fragrant flowers everywhere from city parks to ordinary houses. But there is just one unique kind of rose – the oil bearing Rosa Damascena which grows exclusively in the world famous Valley of Roses, located between the Balkan and Sredna Gora mountains. Bulgaria is therefore the top producer of rose oil in the world, moreover the oil made of Rosa Damascena is the best quality one. During May – June in the town of Kazanlak every year you can enjoy the rose – picking traditions, various attractions, annual Rose Queen competition for the local girls- a tribute to the beauty of the Bulgarian women, and much more.  


Rose queens 2017


  1. Lavender Festival


Bulgaria has been the top producer of lavender oil in the world since 2012. Each year, it provides 120 tons of essential oil, while France produces only 30 tons. The Bulgarian lavender oil is in very high demand worldwide due to its superior quality. Similar to the the Rose Festival, you will be able to attend traditional workshops, children’s competitions, authentic lavender bazaar, dancing and singing, art and photo exhibitions, carnival, contest “The Queen of Lavender”, jazz and rock concerts. Lavender festivals are held in Chirpan and Karlovo in June.

  1. Wildflower Festival



The “Garden of Orpheus” – Rodope Mountains, located in the Southeastern part of Bulgaria is filled with more than 2000 wildflower species. In the month of June you can visit the town of Smolyan and several villages in the valley of Arda River and participate in wide range of activities, folklore traditions, art contests, culinary events, botanical and photographic tours.

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